Friday, March 30, 2012

First Look at Google+ Hangouts

Do you guys wanna do this?

It really looks cool and it is so interesting that people all over the world can talk on Google plus hang out feature!!

We can talk in real time but that is bummer that there is time difference between us so we gotta adjust that.

Just be in my circle on Google plus to be ready!!

Bring your own drink lol

Come join to experience Japanese culture!! HOW TO: Enjoy Tokyo!!! {Tokyo Jin Vlog}

Are you always fascinated by Japanese culture, Anime, Technology?

Well, You gotta see how Japan/Tokyo is like from real Japanese perspective(My perspective)

I graduated from American community college, and i vlog on YouTube in English.

 I am 21 years old Japanese.

I go places and tour for you guys.

If you have a place you want me to go to, just let me know. I will surely film that!!